The overarching trouble with motherhood is that you can’t do it drunk

A shitty viral FB post that popped up on my feed the other day about motherhood. It was from some advertiser of some ‘lady’ product or other. It was a picture that said “Motherhood is …” and they invited you to expose your social media profile to their marketing dept and spread the word of their product by finishing the sentence in the comments.

One of my mother’s group FB friends had written “... the most rewarding thing I have ever done.”

My immediate reaction was OMFG, could you be more pedestrian?

Then I thought for about 0.5 seconds on what I would write. I came up with three potential responses: horrible, tedious, and difficult.

This is not to say I hate being a mother; it’s just that motherhood is pretty much like every other part of life – sometimes good and sometimes bad and mostly very, very hard.

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